FYI works with 1400 children and teens during the school day, after school, and in the summer. 

  • Welcome Afterschool, Weekend and Summer Camp Programs for 260 children in grades pre K – 5 provide a variety of education, arts, recreation, and social-emotional activities. Staff follow highly structured reading curricula to address students’ comprehension, decoding skills, spelling, and phonemic awareness. In the course of a year, Welcome offers 1100 hours of face time with each participant.

  • Afterschool and summer camp (at Amistad Dual Language School and FYI Headquarters) for 140 middle school students provide intensive developmental and school supports

  • Middle school college access programs assist 460 seventh grade students (during the school day and at their schools - IS 143, MS 324, and MS 322) to begin planning, thinking about, and experiencing college.

  • Gregorio Luperon High School (Luperon) provides comprehensive social services, counseling, and crisis intervention to the school’s 520 students as well as youth development after school programs including Technology; College Access; STEM and Literacy Tutoring; and Healthy Lives.

  • Sixty high school students attend services at our headquarters, and participate in tutoring, service, leadership, college access and employment programs.

  • High School Summer Job Training