Painting masks...every FYI participant gets to create a mask of themselves once they've completed 50 hours with us.

Painting masks...every FYI participant gets to create a mask of themselves once they've completed 50 hours with us.

Parent / Guardians Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does it cost anything to attend FYI?

No, participation in FYI's afterschool program is free of charge.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community.  Our funding comes from the NYC Dept. of Youth and Community Development, the NYC Dept. of Education, private foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

Is my child required to attend FYI every day?

No, this program is voluntary.  Your child can come to FYI as often as they wish.  The more hours they spend at FYI, however, the more rewarding an experience they will have.  Also, we give FYI participants awards and incentives based on how many hours they are here.

What time should my child arrive at FYI and what time will s/he leave?

FYI welcomes students beginning at 2:30, when they will be offered a meal and supervised free-time, including Homework Help. Our structured activities begin at 4:00. The program ends at 6:00.  Please be here at 6:00 to pick up your child, unless you have given us written permission for them to walk home unsupervised (in the Registration Form).

What exactly does my child do at FYI?

The focus of FYI’s program is to help young people develop leadership skills mainly through community service activities.  In addition, we offer educational enrichment, homework help, and a variety of arts, sports, games and other fun activities.

Where will my child be doing these activities?

On most days, your child will be here in our building, participating in a variety of fun activities. On other days, your child will be all around Washington Heights, doing community service projects like gardening, painting, and other positive activities.  Sometimes we leave the immediate neighborhood for a service activity.  We will notify you and require a permission slip for any trips or events outside of our normal hours.

What about days when school is closed or there is a half-day?

We normally offer “reverse days” when there is no school.  On a reverse day, your child can come to FYI from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  On half-days, we open our doors at 2:30; we are not able to receive students any earlier.

Does FYI offer any meals or snacks?

Yes, we serve a healthy supper between 2:30 – 3:45. 

Who supervises my child at FYI?

Youth are always supervised by a trained adult staff member. 

Can I visit or call FYI anytime or do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, you can call or visit anytime.  If you need to talk with one of our staff members or the Program Director about a particular issue, however, it would be better to call ahead and make an appointment to make sure we can give you enough time to talk with us.

Can I bring in my child’s Yellow Card (Health Record) instead of the medical form in this packet?

No. Please bring a printed copy of your child's immunization record from the clinic or doctor's office.